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The ghost of a bisexual young woman becomes enamored with an attractive couple living in her former home. She utilizes her poltergeist abilities to haunt her way into their hearts in this paranormal polyamorous romantic comedy.

Dead in Love Teaser Trailer

Sofia, a shy struggling writer, dies suddenly from an aneurysm one night while on the phone with her devout mother. Relatively inexperienced in terms of love in her short life, Sofia begrudgingly agrees to cooperate with her overbearing mother and deceased father, who want to help her find a partner or partners to love in her afterlife. Sofia’s mother finds various candidates for her corporeally-challenged daughter by renting out Sophia's former home. After a few duds move in and out, Sofia finds herself drawn to Maria and Marcos’ lust for life and one another. Learning she can communicate with Maria, who is also bisexual, Sophia explores her new state of being and sexual identity with Maria and Marcos after obtaining their consent. With a budding unicorn relationship, Sophia learns the good and bad about polyamory with their help.
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